Elvis Posters

Elvis Presley was an American recording artist and actor predominantly active during the 1950's and 60's. He is widely regarded as one of the originators of Rock n Roll music and is still referenced as a cultural icon to this day. Presley's career started with the release of his eponymous debut album in 1956 to much critical acclaim. In 1958 he was called upon to serve in the military for his country which he did despite unprecedented media furore upon his arrival. Much of the 1960's was spent pursuing his film career in which he starred in a total of 33 feature length films including classics such as King Creole. During his latter years Elvis battled with a drug and weight problems culminating in his early death at the age of just 42. Elvis' musical legacy has lived on since his death with samples and collaborations of his songs being used by current recording artists.

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