Smiley Posters

In 1972 the world was not so different as it is today. Wherever you found yourself, people were always in need of a smile. Over 40 years ago Franklin Loufrani created a news campaign to spread happiness using the iconic Smiley logo. Through this optimistic action the Smiley phenomena grew beyond its humble beginning into a global symbol of happiness and positivity - a message to this day carried on by Franklin's son Nicolas - who in 1997 developed the first world of Smiley emoticons which now dominate the modern communication world; we call it SmileyWorld.Who are you if you choose SmileyWorld? You are not afraid of showing who you are; through your interests, music loves and friends you hang with.SmileyWorld is the way to express you personality through fun expressions and creative icons.Free your expressions and see how life only gets better. Express yourself!

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