Fortnite: Battle Royal has been one the world’s modern cultural phenomena since its release in 2017. The unique gameplay, exciting updates, and the fact that its free to play, meant it had over 125 million players in it’s first year, and has only gone from strength to strength since then.

The game has attracted players from all over the world including Twitch streamer Ninja, celebrities including Drake and Finn Wolfhard, and sports stars including Dele Ali and Richard Sherman.

One of the elements which makes Fortnite stand out is the massive events which they host for a limited time in the game. This includes live concerts by artists such as Ariana Grande, cross over events with movies such as including Thanos and the Avengers in the game and giving players the ability to collect custom celebrity ‘skins’ from stars such as LeBron James, Neymar Jr and Marshmello.