Harry Potter Quidditch Espresso Mug Set

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Introducing our quidditch team espresso set. Each set of mugs comes with four 5oz miniature mugs each with the four Hogwarts houses printed on each side. We have red for the Gryffindor lions, yellow for the Hufflepuff badgers, Blue for the Ravenclaw ravens and green for the Slytherin snakes. Each mug has a painted inner reflecting the colours of the houses.

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Our dainty mug gift sets are as practical as they are adorable. Perfect for a cappucino or even as a decorative item each mug is specially moulded to give a distinctive appearance. All presented in a branded box these sets make the ideal gift. View all Gifts.

Despatching Our Mug Sets

Mugs can be tricky business when it comes to postage and packaging. Luckily we’ve done our homework so you’ve no need to worry. We’ve tested dozens of boxes and found the perfect solution. Once we’ve picked your mug it is placed into a presentation box before being encased in a thick double walled posting box – twice the protection and no breakages!

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