Pokemon Mimikyu Mug

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Mimikyu is one of the most mysterious Pokémon, and there isn't much known about it, as it chooses to hide away under its Pikachu costume. It is believed that seeing its true shadowy black form could cause illness, but no one knows for certain if this is the truth. Mimikyu takes pride in its Pikachu costume, and will take great care in repairing any damage or rips under the cover of darkness. It is believed that it chose to disguise itself as Pikachu due to Pikachu's popularity (leading Mimikyu to believe this would increase its chances of making friends!). In an attempt to raise awareness for this poor little Pokémon, we've dedicated this design to it and printed it on one of our finest 10oz white ceramic mugs. The design shows a costumed Mimikyu perched on top of its name and Pokédex number on one side, and on the other side, a close up image of it in a limited colour palette (so you can really appreciate the costume detail!). The design background has been coloured to match the costume colour, which leads to a sleek and cohesive mug design. Can you offer this little one a place in your home today?

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