SteelBook Frame 13.4x17cm

Reference du produit:FMSTA1BKH

Taille:SteelBook – 13.4x17cm

A brand new addition to our range of frames is our bespoke SteelBook frame. Designed especially with DVD and game collectors in mind this frame has been carefully calibrated in size and includes a mount to hold rare and limited SteelBooks in place – keeping them in pristine condition. SteelBook cases are the most sought-after premium packaging for games, DVDs and Blue-ray items and are known for their luxurious finish and unique embossed artwork. Featuring a 20mm width moulding each frame comes with a pre cut mount to hold your case firmly in place and a shatterproff perspex front to avoid any damage or scratches. Display your SteelBooks proudly with our bespoke frames.

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