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15 things every Netflix fanatic has to deal with

29th August 2014

1. When you come across a big spoiler on Twitter

2. When your partner suggests watching something different to what you want to watch

3. When you bump into your neighbour after a 12 hour Netflix session

4. When you go to party for the first time in a month after a Netflix binge and your just not quite ready for society yet

5. When you put on your favourite film and the person you’re watching it with they says they’re not really into it

6. When your parents suggest getting out of your onesie and moving away from the T.V for the day

7. When you try and force Sons of Anarchy onto your family but they would rather watch something more neutral

8. When someone tells you they’ve just started watching Breaking Bad

9. When you know the ending to a show but your best friend doesn’t

10. The reaction following a season finale

11. When you can’t find the remote and you’re on the home stretch of season 5

12. When your snacks are running low

13. When someone tells you they still buy DVD’s

14. That brief 15 second period where Netflix asks you if you want to continue watching

15. When your flatmate suggests branching out into Amazon Prime and BlinkBox