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The 10 Best Costumes This Halloween

20th October 2016

A lot of the famous faces we feature on our products are true icons in popular culture. From the stars of live action drama series’ such as the Walking Dead to animated heroes like Rick and Morty, these characters have become household names and we got to thinking that quite a few of them would make great costumes for this Halloween season. So over a few cups of coffee we complied our definitive top 10 Halloween costumes for 2016 (no killer clowns!) – we’ve even gone the extra mile and hunted down all the essential items you’ll need to pull off each look! We’d love to see your creations so don’t forget to share your spooky snaps with us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter using #GBHalloween.


Who: Harley Quinn

Why: Also known as Harleen Frances Quinzel, originally Jokers psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum later turned partner in crime, Suicide Squad was the box office smash of the summer, with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, taking centre stage.

What’s Needed:

Shorts  £2.98 @ eBay

Daddy’s Lil Monster T Shirt £6.38 @ eBay

Harley Quinn Wig £13.39 @ eBay

Inflatable Bat £7.99 @ Party Delights

Tattoos £1.99 @ GB Posters

Who: Daryl Dixon

Why: Daryl Dixon is the most badass survivor in the long running series The Walking Dead. He’s known for his hunting and tracking skills, a great asset to Rick Grimes’ team. Arguably the most loved character from AMC’s The Walking Dead, who wouldn’t want to be him?

What’s Needed:

Crossbow £19.99 @ Argos

Sleeveless Shirt £7 @ H&M (cut the sleeves and your good to go)

Winged Leather Vest £80 @ Tracey Gurney (optional)

Dog Tags £8.99 @ GB Posters

Who: Rick Sanchez

Why: Alcoholic mad scientist with crazy hair. Sure to be top of every Rick & Morty fan’s list this halloween. The trickiest part of this outfit is the hair, we’ve found a great cheap wig which matches Rick’s exact colour. Might just need to reach for the hairspray to perfect those spikes!

What’s Needed:

Brown Twill Trousers £14.99 @ H&M

White Lab Coat £7.95 @ eBay

Light Blue Cottom Tee £3.99 @ H&M

Light Blue Wig £6.99 @ eBay (style to suit)

Who: Donald Trump

Why: America’s controversial Republican candidate. The views expressed throughout his campaign has been 2016’s real life horror story. We thankfully don’t have any Trump posters but we had to include him on our list. A truly frightening prospect indeed – just don’t expect many free drinks at the party!

What’s Needed:

White Shirt in Premium Cotton £14.99 @ H&M

Red Tie £8 @ Topman

Navy Suit Jacket £54 @ Topman

Trump Wig £14 @ eBay

Who: Negan

Why: The newest addition to the Walking Dead series, he’s so far only appeared in one episode but is set to be a huge role in the 7th series. He is one very scary man! Perfect for Halloween.

What’s Needed:

Leather Jacket £39.99 @ Amazon

Burgundy Scarf £2.59 @ eBay

Inflatable Baseball Bat £17.70 @ eBay

‘Barbed Wire’ Lucile Replica £2.80 @ eBay

Who: Batman

Why: By day, Bruce Wayne is a multi-millionaire owner of Wayne Enterprises and bachelor. By night he transforms into the dark vigilante known as Batman. A caped crusader who scours the streets of Gotham City for crime. Because it’s Batman! Dressing as The Dark Knight is a perfect Halloween costume idea, with the release of Suicide Squad this year there will be a lot of Joker’s and Harley Quinn’s roaming around on Halloween. This requires the help of Gotham’s finest to save the day.

What’s Needed:

The Mask £12.99 @ Escapade

The Cape £7 @ Amazon

The Gloves £9.99 @ eBay

Who: Jon Snow

Why: Jon Snow is the bastard son of Ned Stark in worldwide phenomenon Game Of Thrones, Snow is a member of the Night’s Watch and Guards the northern borders from what lies beyond the wall. Snow is a badass swordsman and dresses in a black feathered cloak which is great for the Halloween theme. After all, Jon is part of the walking dead after his return in season 6.

What’s Needed:

Black Wig £9.99 @ Amazon

Black Fur Cloak £20 @ Amazon

Sword £7.50 @ Amazon

Who: The Joker

Why: The Joker is a criminal mastermind in the DC Universe, as well as a common enemy to Batman in their many encounters. He is shown as a psychopathic criminal who gains amusement from his cruel escapades. The Jokers clown like appearance makes him a prime candidate for a Halloween costume idea, with the green hair, bleached skin and red lips. Plus if you know a friend dressing as Harley Quinn you would make the creepiest couple.

What’s Needed:

Green Wig £10 @ eBay

White Face Paint £3 @ Amazon

Red Lipstick £2 @ Amazon

Tattoo Top £11 @ eBay

Who: Wonder Woman

Why: Wonder woman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character is a founding member of the Justice League, warrior princess of the Amazons. In her homeland, she is Princess Diana of Themyscira, and outside of her homeland, she is known by her secret identity Diana Prince. Two good points for this one: If you are a female and want to dress up as a female superhero Wonder Woman is your best option. On the other hand if you are to start a war of costumes we would rather have the warrior princess on our side!

What’s Needed:

If you are of the people that buy everything in one go our friends of fancydressball.co.uk have the full package here for £39.99.

Some people we are not lucky enough to be graced with a marvellous, curly long hair. No problem, we always can get a wonder woman wig at halloweencostumes.co.uk for just £26.99.

Wonder woman is always portrayed with a very voluptuous figure, so, if for any reason we struggle to match that, we can always go to buysend.co.uk, with its inflatable giant boobs for £5.19, although a ball of old clothes could do the trick as well!

If you are a fan of DIY our friend Lauren McFall “The Closet Geek” gives you some valuable tips on this video. We all like the “your costume is cool but I DID IT”.

Who: Ghostbuster

Why: The answer is quite obvious. Halloween is celebrated the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day, the festivity dedicated to remember the dead.  Well it turns up that, according to Oxford Dictionary ghost is an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image. What better that dressing up as the ghost hunters par excellence? After all, who you gonna call?

What’s Needed:

If you go to battle a ghost on Halloween, you better get the best weapon, which we found in toynk.com for £79.99.

Flight suit can be found on Amazon.com for £54.95 and Ghostbuster patches on ebay.com for £18.99

If you want to turn do the dark – and viscous – side, you may as well dress up as Slimer for a modest £44.98 with escapade.co.uk. Who can refuse a Ghostbusters VS Slimer battle?

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