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Getting It Right – Choosing The Right Frame

5th May 2017

Spring time is well and truly here and for many people that means the annual tradition of dusting off the paintbrushes & tape measures and getting to work on those home improvements they’ve been putting off all winter. Home decor and room makeovers can be somewhat daunting – whilst a lot of people know exactly how to pair up room colours and accessories for others this can be a painstaking process and often the cause of an abandoned project.

We believe a room is nothing without it’s finishing touches – plants, bookcases, lamps and of course artwork! These small enhancements can really round off a room and tell a story about your personality and tastes.  Recently we have seen an increase in customers contacting us asking for advice on which of our frames are most suitable for their rooms – not an easy task to dissect at the end of a telephone line or behind a computer monitor.

This got us to thinking – whilst our frames are comfortably at home in a range of environments – some are more suited to different rooms and colourways so we decided to produce a rough guide to our different colour and moulding types – hopefully to give a better idea as to how they might fit into your renovation plans.


  • Black – Possibly our most universal colourway. Perfect for modern surroundings with monochrome decoration or schools and offices where the colours are likely to be more neutral.
  • Walnut – The darkest of our natural wood colours, our walnut frames add a real warmth to any room and is best complimented by autumnal colours and other darks such as brown and burnt orange.
  • Oak – Mid point in the natural wood colours. Perfect we think in a fresh summer room, cream carpets with a few bold splashes of colour.
  • Beech – A very light wood colour, looks great in bright and airy kitchens or bathrooms with light pastel shades.
  • White – Perfect in childrens rooms or any other room with other white wood features.


Moulding Types

The term ‘moulding’ simply refers to the type, style and width of material that essentially makes up the frame – the 4 edges.

  • Eton 30mm – Our cheapest but also most popular style. Sharp clean edges create a 3cm border around your image. A fantastic contemporary budget frame that will look at home anywhere – perfect for home, school or office.
  • Azure 30mm – Quite similar to the Eton except for its stunning unique dome effect curve which really draws attention to the image it is housing.
  • Alice 30mm – A very ornate moulding perfect for framing old antique style photography. The kind of frame you’d expect to see in a country farmhouse.
  • Artcore 30mm – Slightly chunkier than the Eton this flat moulding is stylish but subtle and creates a centerpiece in any room without being too overpowering
  • Artcore 40mm – The high end of our framing range. A thick box style moulding with a deep profile really creates a statement on your wall and can be used alongside bespoke mounts to really bring your image to life. Great in large rooms with high ceilings.
  • Aluminium 20mm – Something slightly different and perfect for ultra modern rooms and surroundings – stands out really well on black or very dark backgrounds and statement walls.


We hope the insight into our frames is informative and useful but please note that it is intended as a guide only – your rooms and decoration should be as unique as the person decorating them. Have fun! GB Posters x

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