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The Most Commonly Broken New Years Resolutions

11th January 2017

Our Top 5 Most Commonly Broken New Years Resolutions


Year after year, we all convince ourselves that something needs to change in the New Year, whether it is getting back in the gym, quitting a bad habit or genuinely being a nicer person. Although actions tend to speak louder than words and most of these resolutions are forgotten by March. Here are the top five New Year’s resolutions that people never stick to:



  • Hitting the gym – A personal favourite, probably the most common resolution people come up with every year. Gyms receive a surge of new members in January and don’t see most of those same members until the next January!





  • Quitting smoking – Another commonly broken resolution, by the time the New Year comes around, a large amount of smokers aim to quit the bad habit for good. By the time March rolls around the resolution is almost forgotten, with only 10% of people sticking to this resolution!


cobain smoking - Copy



  • Make better financial decisions – As we all know, it is easier to spend money than it is to save it, and for some, this can be a problem. Just as the New Year begins people vow to spend less and save more, but this resolution can often be left in the past by time January sales begin…


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  • Go travelling – Heading into the New Year there may be some new places you’d like to explore, travelling tends to be a goal set out by most people at the beginning of a new year. Visiting exotic places that you’ve only seen on TV, unfortunately travelling doesn’t just cost money, it costs time to plan.





  • Learn something new – For most people there is always something that they’ve wanted to learn. Whether it be a new language or a new skill like playing an instrument. This is often a resolution for the New Year. However, this new ambition can fade away if the new skills or languages you attempt to learn appear too difficult.


languages - Copy


A tip for failed New Year resolutions? Pick something you will stick to, like going on your phone less and going to bed earlier!