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MayMac – Ultimate Guide To The Richest Fight In History

21st August 2017

Floyd Mayweather Jr. V Conor McGregor. The fight they all thought would never happen. This Saturday the two biggest names in combat sports will collide in Las Vegas creating what is anticipated to be the richest fight in history. Opinions are widely available across the net so we decided to leave that at the door and collect the facts to bring you the ultimate fight guide for #MayMac.

When is the fight?

The bout will take place on Saturday 26th August 2017. Unfortunately for UK fight fans this means a very early start (or late night, depending on how you play it) with the main event start time scheduled for 4am on Sunday 27th August – our guess is expect the action to start around 5am. So either set that alarm or load up on Red Bull!

Where is it taking place?

The fight will be held at the brand new T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Opened in 2016, McGregor already has first hand experience of the venue having defeated Nate Diaz here at UFC 202 whilst nearly all Mayweather’s fights have taken place at the neighbouring MGM Grand Arena.

Are there any belts on the line?

Because of the unique nature of the fight (Mayweather is currently retired and McGregor is classed an an amateur in boxing terms) there will be no titles at stake in the fight.

What are the rules of the fight?

The fight will be held under standard boxing rules – a huge challenge for mixed martial artist McGregor as he faces one of the greatest defensive boxers in history.

The fighters will be using 10-ounce boxing gloves instead of the smaller 4oz UFC gloves and he will not be allowed to use the leg kicks or takedowns that are used in mixed martial arts.

How much will the fight make?

Much has been made about this and it is speculated that if PPV estimates are correct the fight will gross in excess of £500 million.

How much will the fighters earn?

A NDA prevents each fighter from revealing their slice of the pie although reports suggest a purse split of 70-30 in Mayweather’s favour. On top of this each fighter will have their own endorsment deals to top up their earnings with Mayweather expected to rake in an additional £20 million in sponsorship for his ring attire alone.

Where can I watch the fight?

Sky won the rights to screen the fight in the UK and ROI. It will be shown on Sky Box Office in the UK/Ireland and Showtime Sports in the US.

How much will it cost to watch?

American fights fans will have to pay ($89.99) to watch in standard definition and ($99.99) for HD. But in the UK the fight is slightly more affordable and will cost viewers £19.95 or €24.95 for Republic of Ireland customers.

Can I still get tickets?

Not without a fat wallet unfortunately. If you are still hell bent on attending in person there are tickets available at the time of writing available for an eye watering $1,500 EACH.

Who’s the favourite?

The bookies make Money Mayweather the overwhelming favourite to extend his currently unblemished record to a perfect 50-0 and overtake Rocky Marciano’s current record. If you like the underdog you can back McGregor to cause an upset at a tasty 11/4.