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Netflix Top 10 Shows

29th January 2021

With the rise in streaming services not showing any signs of slowing down, and with new players entering the market every year, we thought this weeks blog should be dedicated to 10 of the best shows you can watch on Netflix right now.

Since the release of their first ‘Netflix Original’, House of Cards in 2013, they have gone from strength to strength, and there is a seemingly endless stream of new shows to binge. We thought we would help out and get some recommendations from around the office of shows we have really enjoyed this year.

We have tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible, but be warned, there might be details about the later seasons in some of the descriptions!

The Witcher maxi poster


IMBD: 8.2/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 67%

The Witcher is a fantasy Netflix show based on the books and video games by the same name.

The show follows Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), a monster hunter who is struggling to find his place in the world. Destiny connects him with Princess Ciri and Yennefer of Vengerberg, who spend the series in different timelines, before meeting to set up season 2.

This is great for fans of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.


IMBD: 8/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 82%

First released in 2019, Umbrella Academy is a Netflix original superhero show staring Elliot Page, Tom Hopper and David Castandea. Netflix reported that over 45 million households watched it in the first month of it’s release.

The second season has also proved popular and a third has been confirmed for later this year! Perfect for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, Stranger Things and Teen Titans.

Brand New Queens Gambit Maxi Poster


IMBD: 8.6/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 97%

Queens Gambit shot to the top of Netflix’s most watched shows of 2020 list when it was released in November. It has been confirmed to have been watched by over 62 million households, not bad for a show about chess!

Anya Taylor-Joy shines as Beth Harmon, an orphaned chess prodigy who must battle addiction and prejudice if she wants to be the best in the world.

Queens gambit would be great for fans of any genre, but particularly shows like Succession and Emily in Paris.

One Punch Man Maxi Poster


IMBD: 8.8/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

Whether you are an anime fan already, or looking to find your first show from the genre to watch, One Punch Man is a great place to start. It follows protagonist Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with one punch. But this leads to boredom, and he sets out on a mission to find a worthy opponent.

It’s based on a manga by the same name, was originally released in 2015 and comprises of only two seasons, but it remains one of the most popular anime.

Anyone who loved Pokemon or similar when they were younger, or love Rick and Morty now would be ideal to watch One Punch Man.

Stranger Things Season 2 Maxi Poster


IMBD: 8.7/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

Get ready for a serious hit of 80’s nostalgia with Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s most watched and most popular tv shows. Follow five school kids as they battle monsters, the authorities, and the Upside Down, all while travelling around on their bikes!

With 3 seasons currently listed on Netflix, season 4 is set to be released later this year. It is well worth checking out if you have not already!

Stranger Things really has a bit of something for everyone, but if you like A Series of Unfortunate events, Harry Potter and the X Files.

Sherlock and Watson Framed Collector Print


IMBD: 9.1/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

This modernisation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic characters, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, was a hit on the BBC and is now part of the Netflix catalogue. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in an exciting new perspective of the worlds most famous detective, where they face off against their most famous enemy, Professor James Moriarty.

Sherlock is right up your street if you enjoy murder and crime solving shows, or just love Benedict Cumberbatch!

By Order of the Peaky Blinders Framed Collector Print


IMBD: 8.8/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

Peaky Blinders has been a massively popular show since it was first aired on BBC in 2013, and it was soon added to the Netflix catalogue. The story follows the Irish-traveller gangster family, the Shelbys, who are based in Birmingham between the two world wars. Led by their leader Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), they face off against a number of brilliant enemies played by Tom Hardy, Adrien Brody and Sam Neill.

Netflix has all 5 seasons currently listed on their site, which means their is plenty to get your teeth stuck into. And with season 6 currently in production, and a film planned to end the story, it is a perfect time to start watching Peaky Blinders if you have not already.

Peaky Blinders is ideal for fans of films like Goodfellas, as well as shows like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones.

Last week we had a whole blog dedicated to Peaky Blinders, which can be found here: https://www.gbposters.com/latest/peaky-blinders-confirm-filming-of-season-6/

Rick and Morty Maxi Poster


IMBD: 9.2/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 94%

Rick and Morty has been a cult classic and a Netflix favourite, since it was first aired in 2013. The science-fiction, animated series follows genius scientist Rick Sanchez and his not-so-bright grandson Morty, as they travel through time and space. Whitty, clever and hilarious, Rick and Morty has been one of the most popular shows of the past decade, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

There are currently four full seasons which have been released, with a further 70 episodes commissioned in an unspecified number of seasons.

Rick and Morty is a Science Fiction show, but would be ideal for fans of the US Office, the Simpsons or BoJack Horseman.

Friends Milkshake Maxi Poster


IMBD: 8.9/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

“The one where one of the most popular tv show ever is on Netflix”. Since it was first aired in 1994, there is not many people who have not watched at least the odd episode of Friends, but luckily it is one of the most rewatchable shows of all time.

Following it’s 10 season run from 1994 to 2004, Friends in consistently ranked among the greatest show of all time, and it is easy to see why. The enduring relationships between the main six characters Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe, is testament to the brilliant and consistent, writing and acting over such a long period of time.

The show also features guest appearances from Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon and Danny DeVito among others.

Riverdale Main Characters Maxi Poster


IMBD: 6.9/10 Rotten Tomatoes

Riverdale first premiered in 2017, and since then has released 5 seasons, with the latest airing just last week. It is a teen crime and mystery show centred around Archie Andrews, as he navigates school, romance and family in the village of Riverdale, which has many hidden dark mysteries.

Thanks for reading our blog on the Netflix shows we have enjoyed over the past year. Let us know your favourite shows you have watched in the comments section down below!