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  • muhammadali



    Not everyone loves boxing but you would struggle to find someone not aware of the famous battle that took place in the Zaire jungle in 1974. George Foreman came into the fight defending an impervious 40-0 record – the unbeaten… Read more

  • Liz Murray Photography | lizmurrayphotography.com


    The geeks guide to surviving Freshers week

    You’re going to need to create a catchphrase And a new identity But remember to leave the lightsaber at home To be popular you might have to position yourself as an early adopter, which is going to scare some people… Read more

  • Binge_Watch_TV


    15 things every Netflix fanatic has to deal with

    1. When you come across a big spoiler on Twitter 2. When your partner suggests watching something different to what you want to watch 3. When you bump into your neighbour after a 12 hour Netflix session 4. When you… Read more

  • true-detective-season-3-hbo


    Breaking Bad x True Detective

    Check out our mash up of Breaking Bad and True Detective as the heavyweight TV series go head to head the the Emmys this month! http://martinwoutisseth.com/

  • Optimus Prime in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, from Paramount Pictures.


    Transformers x WWE

    Check out our mash up of Transformers: Age of Extinction and WWE commentary by the legendary Jim Ross!

  • guardians


    Guardians Of The Galaxy

    Have a play around with the interactive guide below – just hit the play button to get started then use the left and right keys to move around!

  • 10Jun

    World Cup Movie Posters

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month you’ll have been pretty hard pushed to avoid the build-up to one of the most eagerly anticipated World Cup finals of all time. Football will return to it’s spiritual… Read more

  • watch dogs


    Watch Dogs – Meet The Characters

    With the highly anticipated, and frankly well overdue, release of Watch Dogs upon us we decided we wanted to get to know the characters from the game a little better before we surrender our every waking hour into the game…. Read more

  • Godzilla-art-horizontal


    How Does Godzilla Measure Up?

    Yes we know size isn’t everything. But have you ever wondered how many Minions you’d need to make up 1 Godzilla? Perhaps you’ve been pondering how small Bilbo Baggins would be compared with the Japanese icon. If you have then… Read more

  • wrestlemania


    Wrestlemania XXX Review

    April 6th saw the WWE’s 30th Annual Wrestlemania at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The show kicked off in style with the official host the Immortal Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster kicked off the show in style. After… Read more

  • Thrones-of-Game-Logo-HD-Wallpaper


    Football Game Of Thrones

    With season 4 now upon us we are reaching fever pitch about Game Of Thrones. We’ve had our thinking caps on here at GB Posters as to how to celebrate the saga about to be unleashed. What if Game of… Read more

  • Walking-Dead


    Walking Dead Kill Chart

    It’s finally here… The long-awaited Season 4 finale of AMC’s smash hit show The Walking Dead is upon us! We’ve taken a look at how some of the main characters stack up when it comes to killing walkers, favourite weapons… Read more

  • 07Mar

    Spiderman V Villains

    Spiderman returns to UK cinema screens this May in Sam Raimi’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it’s hard to believe the masked webslinger is now over 50 years old – yes FIFTY! Approaching pension age and firing those nasty nylon… Read more

  • bvb


    The Kerrang! Awards 2012

    Pictures have circulated on Download looking soggy and pond like (theses turned out to be fakes – depicting Glasto 2005) and the rain continues on. However, rock doesn’t stop for a bit of rain, and the Kerrang! Awards last night… Read more

  • thequeen1


    Jubilee Film Review: “The Queen”

    Tom Gooderson A’Court brings us a right royal review on the film ‘The Queen’ – an Oscar winner that doesn’t tick all his boxes. What did you think? Let us know on the Facebook page. “2006’s Oscar winner The Queen… Read more

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