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Our Six Step Pin Board Tutorial

31st July 2017

Have you been looking for a straight forward, easy to follow tutorial on how to turn your poster in to a pin board? Well look no further! Here’s our step by step pin board tutorial.

What you’ll need:

  1. Foam board (slightly larger than your poster, this makes things a lot easier!)
  2. Spray mount
  3. Your favourite poster (the Wonder Woman poster we used can be found in the featured products below this post)
  4. Protective paper/newspaper
  5. Craft knife/guillotine
  6. A well ventilated work space

pin board tutorial - checklist

Step one – Cover your work space to avoid getting the spray mount on your surface. Warning: it is very sticky. Please make sure you are in a well ventilated area, this stuff smells!

Step two – Always read the instructions on the spray mount you have purchased and follow accordingly. Shake can well before using and spray evenly, back and forth about 20cm above the foam board.

Pin board tutorial - spray

Step three – Now it’s time to stick your poster to the foam board. Unwrap your poster, slowly and evenly apply the bottom edge of the poster to the foam board, whilst keeping he rest of the poster tightly rolled. The more hands the better for this (grab someone to help if you can). No need to rush you have around 5 minutes before the spray mount starts to dry.

Pin board tutorial - the poster

Step four – Once the bottom edge of your poster is even it’s time to get the rest of the poster stuck to the foam board. Make sure you keep the rolled end of the poster lifted up away from the foam board and slowly work your hand back and forth across the poster. Take your time. If you have a large bubble or crease in your work don’t worry, you can unpeel and start that bit again (we had to do this because nobody’s perfect!)

Step five – Hey presto, your poster is now stuck down! Run your hand over any small bubbles to work them out and all along the four edges to make sure the poster is secure, we don’t want any peeling!

Pin board tutorial - full poster

Step six – Now it’s time to cut around your poster, we used a fancy guillotine but a craft knife will work just as well. We took the first 2 mm off each edge of the poster to get a clean finish. The beauty of using foam board means it’s still super light so you can use tac to stick your pin board to the wall (as long as you’re not pinning super heavy items to it). Here’s the finished look:

pin board tutorial - finished

Want a smarter finish? We framed it up in our maxi frame with the styrene sheet removed, here it is in action:

Pin board tutorial - finished pin board

Great huh? We’d love to see your creations, make sure you tag us on social! Pin away!

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