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30th October 2014

Not everyone loves boxing but you would struggle to find someone not aware of the famous battle that took place in the Zaire jungle in 1974. George Foreman came into the fight defending an impervious 40-0 record – the unbeaten world Heavyweight Champion and in the prime of his career. Ali however was 7 years his senior and having already tasted defeat twice came into the contest somewhat the underdog.

The phenomenal setting was a stadium in the middle of a jungle clearance in Kinshasa. 80,000 people packed every single space to witness two of the greatest Heavyweights to grace the boxing scene. The tropical setting even brought its own element of drama as a tropical storm enveloped the stadium almost as soon as Foreman had been counted out in the 8th round following Ali’s incredible 5 punch combination.

Even 4 decades on from the fight Foreman still speaks of his opponent in fond terms – deeming that they were brought together on that night in Zaire.