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Spiderman V Villains

7th March 2014

Spiderman returns to UK cinema screens this May in Sam Raimi’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it’s hard to believe the masked webslinger is now over 50 years old – yes FIFTY! Approaching pension age and firing those nasty nylon ribbons from my wrists whilst swinging from the Empire State Building is not what I envisage for my latter years but Spidey is laughing in the face of the pipe and slippers and is back for another shot at the big time.

Now, as we all know, the new picture is going to be brilliant. Of course it is – $200 million says it is. However, we’re going to delve a little deeper with a tongue-in-cheek look at the enemies from years gone by whom Spiderman has faced – and defeated usually with consummate ease. Are these really the cream of the crop when it comes to superhero villains or a bunch of freeloading chancers?

The Burglar – Carrying possibly the most unimaginative name since comics began is our first protagonist – a relatively minor character that still manages to appear in 4 of the Spiderman films. The Burglar gains kudos for his stint in jail after the murder of Peter Parker’s family member – comically named Uncle Ben – but his lack of superpowers eventually leads to a rather pitiful ending. Who ever heard of a superhero villain dying of a heart attack?!

Villain Rating: 2/10

Doctor Octopus – If we were judging this contest of hairstyle alone this Monkees throwback would win hands down. Unfortunately the for immaculately coiffured Doctor his thatch is about as much as he has going for him. Unbelievably he did actually once defeat Spiderman – using his mechanical limbs to toss his enemy out of the window. However his portly physique, short sightedness and glasses remind us more of a washed up maths teacher than someone to be truly feared.

Villain Rating: 4/10

Sandman – Enter Sandman! A beast of a being possessing the ability to shape-shift his enormous frame into sand form and his sledgehammer hands have dealt more than one deadly blow. Whist essentially a villain Sandman has at times displayed more gentle and innocent personas (aahhhh!) which prevent us from ranking him as a true villain. Invulnerable to most physical attacks his only weakness appears to be water essentially meaning he would be useless against a 6 year old armed with a SuperSoaker. Poor.

Villain Rating: 6/10

Electro – The central character alongside Spiderman in the 2014 release is Electro – a supervillain of immense power and speed but only when fully charged, meaning he was probably manufactured by Apple. His electrostatic characteristics make him another foe susceptible to water but he does posses the ability to manipulate any electrically powered device it according to his mental commands. We wait with baited breath to see how his battle with Spiderman unfolds..

Villain Rating: 8/10

The Lizard – Now we’re talking. Genius level intellect, hardened scaly skin, razor sharp teeth and a 6 foot tail capable of shattering concrete. Must we go on? Ok. In The Amazing Spider-man Lizard goes on an ASBO style spree of car vandalism before releasing a toxic gas to render all humans lizard-like. The final tick in the box for The Lizard is the fact he’s portrayed in The Amazing Spider-man by non-other than legendary Welsh wild child Rhys Ifans which practically makes him a rock star Super Villain.

Villain Rating 9/10

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