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Steelbooks! – What are they and how to frame them?

16th January 2019

The Steelbooks phenomenon began around 2008 – along with the launch of the Blu-ray disc which superseded the DVD format. Along with the standard plastic casings which were traditionally offered came a brand new product around which a whole collectors community has been built.

Surprisingly simple in design Steelbooks are presented as a high end collectors item usually featuring unique artwork and design elements relevant to the film or game it holds. Printed and embossed onto a steel case which holds the disc. More often than not these are purchased by collectors with the intention of them never actually being opened – retaining and sometimes even increasing their value.


In the last 10 years Steelbook collecting has become a huge deal, with 100’s of releases now available throughout the world.  Sought after titles sell out instantly and many Steelbooks have become rarities and sold for upto £1000!

Our bespoke made Steelbook frames are the perfect accompaniment to your collection of games and Blue-ray discs. Presented in our classic black finish these frames feature a 20mm wide moulding and comes with a specially cut mount which holds the Steelbook in place. Finished with our standard shatter proof styrene protecting your treasured collections for years to come they even come with a pre stamped hanging hook on the reverse of the frame allowing you to hang your Steelbooks proudly on your walls.


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