Mass Effect Posters

The hugely successful third person shooter features in our great range of Mass Effect posters and prints, so if you're willing to follow Commander Shepard into battle again, have a look at what we’ve got available. Focusing on a battle to save the galaxy from all of the various genocidal beings that unfortunately seem hellbent on wiping out the human race, Mass Effect has become a massively popular series, both commercially and with critical praise. As with so many popular titles today, Mass Effect has branched out into other media and spawned a number of novels, comics and films to appease fan across the globe. We’ve selected some awesome wall art  for our store, which includes brilliant posters and framed collector prints featuring some of the most iconic images from the series, and look great when hung. All of these comprise of top quality, high resolution artwork and are printed on either 150gsm paper or high quality photo stock. Also available are a selection of Mass Effect mugs.

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