Muhammad Ali Posters

Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest ever professional boxing champions, and one of the most important sport personalities the world has know; in tribute, we’re offering a range of knockout Muhammad Ali posters and prints to inspire you at the gym, or at home. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Ali was at his pomp and began his long serving dominance in the world of professional fighting, winning multiple titles, and reaching notoriety for his unorthodox style, and quick witted trash talk. Ali contested in a number of famous bouts, most notably his rivalry with peer Joe Frazier, which are still discussed today, and he remained competitive, defeating every top heavyweight of his era, until his retirement in 1981. Muhammad Ali sadly died on June 3 2016 aged 74, after another long battle with Parkinson’s syndrome. Printed on quality 150gsm paper, one of our most popular Muhammad Ali posters features one of the most iconic sporting images ever taken; Ali stood over Sonny Liston after knocking him to the ground during the hotly anticipated, and controversial, World Heavyweight Championship fight on May 25, 1965. A true legend.