Portal Posters

If you, like most people, have ever wished you could own something pertaining to a video game where you jump through black holes, you’re in luck! We’ve got a range of Portal posters and prints available for fans of the popular puzzle-platform game. Acclaimed for its innovative and originally gameplay upon its release in 2007, Portal consists of a series of levels in which the player has to negotiate around an arena using only a handheld teleporting device. The game used unique physics and presented the player with levels of increased difficulty. The game also received praise for its unique sense of humour, and after its initial success on X-Box 360, Windows and Playstation 3, it has also been ported to Android, Linux and OS X, and a sequel was released in 2011, which added new gameplay elements and a multiplayer mode. Explore the whole selection of Portal wall art that we have available now.

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