Stranger Things Posters

Stranger Things is a sci-fi horror TV series set in the early 80s american suburbs filmed with the unmistakable aesthetic of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. Series 1 debuted on Netflix in Summer 2016, the story features a group of kids desperately trying to locate their missing friend amidst supernatural events that quickly escalate. The show rapidly gained a cult following with a compelling storyline that covers parallel dimensions, government testing and telekinetic powers. With season 2 launching in Autumn 2017 we’re super chuffed to announce that we have produced a superb collection of Stranger Things posters, friends don’t lie and neither do we – we produce the only official Stranger Things posters available in the UK. The 3 posters available are all portrait maxi posters, we have two from series 1 including The Stranger Things Bikes Maxi Poster which shows a moody night time shot of 3 of the kids stumbling across their friend’s deserted BMX, then there’s the superb Stranger Things 2 Key Art Poster which shows the 4 young protagonists gazing up at the sky alight with flames.