The Walking Dead

You would have to be dead to have not heard of the incredibly popular zombie apocalypse serial drama, so assuming that isn’t the case, we've got a massive selection of The Walking Dead posters and prints for you. Based on the comic book series of the same name, we follow Rick and a band of other survivors struggling to adapt to the now ravaged world, and sustain a somewhat normal life following a devastating, worldwide epidemic; the dreaded zombie apocalypse. Adversity is never too far away, as the group battle daily in a world of increasingly depleting resources, treacherous rival survivors with ulterior motives, and of course, the common enemy; the undead. Our carefully selected range features some of the most popular characters, and iconic images from the show. Available in a variety of sizes, all of our poster and prints are made using top quality, high resolution artwork and printed on either luxurious 150gsm paper or high quality photo stock. We also have a great range of Walking Dead mugs, glassware and key rings.

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