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The Most Popular Starter Pokemon From Every Generation

13th August 2021

Every Pokemon game since 1996 has started with one huge decision. Which starter Pokemon do I chose as my first partner?

Whichever you chose between the grass, fire or water type can have a huge impact on your journey through the game. And the two that you don’t chose can not be caught later in the game!

The starter Pokemon you do chose stays with you throughout the entire game, and is often there battling by your side all the way to the Pokemon League.

Therefore, players form an emotional connection with their first partners, and often leads to heated debates among trainers about who is the best.

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But which are the most popular starters for each generation? Well data has been gathered by Tiermaker, and the results are in!

Below is a breakdown of which grass, fire or water types come out on top through each generation based on that data. And don’t forget to comment your favourite starter of all time!

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Generation 8 – Sword & Shield

The most recent Pokemon games, Sword and Shield take place in the Galar region, and was first released back in 2019. Although it is the most recent game, it has been hugely popular and the starter Pokemon to choose from have provide to be a hit with the fans!

The grass-type starter is Grookey who evolves into Rillaboom. The fire-type is Scorbunny who evolves into Cinderace. And the water-type is Sobble who evolves into Inteleon.

In terms of the most popular according to the Tiermaker results show that all three of these starters are all of equal popularity! Maybe this will change as time goes by and fans learn more about the Pokemon and form an attachment to them.

Generation 7 – Sun & Moon

Sun and Moon were the final Pokemon games to be available on the Nintendo 3ds and were released to commemorate the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The games are set in the Alola region, which is heavily based on the Pacific Island of Hawaii!

The grass-type starter for this generation is Rowlet who is based on an owl and evolves into Decidueye, a grass and ghost type. The fire-type is Litten who is based on a cat and evolves into Incineroar. And the water-type is Popplio who is based on a seal and evolves into Primarina.

Rowlet is easily the most popular of the Generation 7 Pokemon, even though it is probably the weakest when it comes to battling! This shows jus how much fans connect with the cute design of Rowlet and the mystery and characteristics of the later evolutions.

Generation 6 – X & Y

Generation 6 starters have not been around for too long in the grand scheme of Pokemon, however, they have certainly made a serious impression with Pokemon Trainers. The is partly due to Greninja being one of Ash’s strongest Pokemon in the anime, and the pretty unique design of all the evolutions.

The three starters of generation 6 are made up of the following: the grass-type is Chespin who evolves into Chesnaught. The fire-type is Fennekin who evolves into Delphox. And the water-type is Froakie who evolves into the fearsome Greninja.

The most popular starter for generation is clearly Froakie, mainly due to the affinity of its final evolution Greninja being an anime favourite.

One thing that makes this generation of starter Pokemon interesting, is that the starter Pokemon trainers choose has a direct effect on which legendary Pokemon appears later in the game. Definitely something worth bearing in mind for trainers at the start of the game.

Generation 5 – Black & White

Next up is generation 5, which came with Pokemon Black and White and was set in the Unova region, which is modelled after New York City. Can you believe that Pokemon Black and white are over 10 years old?!

The grass-type is Snivy who evolves into Serperior. The fire-type is Tepig who is based on a baby pig and evolves into Emboar. And the water-type is Oshawott who is based on a sea otter and evolves into Samurott.

The most popular Pokemon in generation 5 is a tie again! This time between the grass and water types, Snivy and Oshawott. This is mainly due to the design of the Pokemon at their final evolution stage, with fans much preferring Serperior and Samurott to Emboar. Poor Tepig, who wouldn’t want a baby pig fire Pokemon??

Generation 4 – Diamond & Pearl

Generation 4 is where things start to get really nostalgic. So nostalgic in fact, that Nintendo have announced that remakes will be released in November this year, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The grass-type starter for this generation is Turtwig who evolves into Torterra, a grass and ground type. The fire-type starter is Chimchar who evolves into Infernape, a fearsome fire and fighting type. And the water type starter is Piplup, one of the cutest Pokemon ever, who evolves into Empoleon, a water and steel type, based on an emperor penguin.

The most popular is Piplup, but unsurprisingly, all three of these starters are incredibly popular, mainly due to them being the cutest trio of any generation. However, they also all evolve into powerful final evolutions which can be used throughout the entire game.

Generation 3 – Ruby & Sapphire

Originally released in 2002, Ruby & Sapphire were the games that introduced a lot of fans to the franchise and was also timed with a particularly popular time for the anime.

As a result, all the Pokemon of generation 3 remain incredibly popular, and the release of remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in 2014 only cementing this.

The grass-type starter for generation 3 is Treeko, who evolves into Sceptile, and was one of Ash’s companions during the anime. The fire-type starter is Torchic, who evolves into Blaziken, a powerful fire and fighting-type who also played a major role in the anime. And finally, the water-type starter is Mudkip who evolves into Swampert.

Although all these Pokemon remain popular, Mudkip is far and away the most popular starter from generation 3! Much of this is due to the fact that the final evolution, Swampert, is one of the most powerful starter evolutions ever! Even strong enough to compete with the generation 1 starters.

Generation 2 – Gold & Silver

It was always going to be a tough task for the generation 2 Pokemon to follow up the popularity of the Kanto starter Pokemon, however, they did a very admirable job.

The designs were incredibly popular with fans, and the final evolutions didn’t disappoint in terms of in-game strength either.

The grass-type starter is Chikorita who eventually evolves into Magenium. The fire-type starter is Cyndaquill who evolves into Typhlosion (surely one of the coolest Pokemon names). And the water-type starter is Totodile who evolves into Feraligatr.

For generation 2 there is another tie for the most popular starter, and it is between Cyndaquill and Typhlosion. As cute as Chikorita is, it was too weak in-game, and so fans never formed as much of an emotional connection with the Pokemon. Totodile and Cyndaquill are also very cute Pokemon, and also offer players the option to use them through out the Gold and Silver games.

Generation 1 – Red & Blue

What more can be said about these three Pokemon that hasn’t been said before? Since their first appearance in 1996, they have absolute fan favourites.

Unsurprisingly, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are all tied for the most popular starters of their generation and of all time.

The final evolutions are just as iconic, with Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise holding a special place in every trainer’s heart!