The Top 6 Back to School Essentials
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The Top 6 Stylish Back to School Essentials

20th August 2021

Even though it feels like the summer holidays have just started, it is already time to start thinking about going back to school, and all the things your are going to need for the first day of term!

Back to school essentials used to include 1 pencil, 1 black backpack, freshly polished shoes and enough money for the bus. But times have changed and children returning to school want to display their favourite tv shows, films, games and musicians across their outfits and equipment.

Films such as The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and School of Rock have taught how important it is to express yourself at school, and having school items you love are a great way of doing this.

Luckily, GBPosters are here to help! Whether you are a student looking forward to your first day back and seeing your friends, or a parent looking to make sure your child has everything they need to go back to school, we’ve got you covered.

We have hundreds of great Back to School items including bags, bottles, card holders and wallets, notebooks, key rings and more.

1. Card Holders and Wallets

Gone are the days of sending children off to school with a few pennies for the bus and their lunch. Bus passes, lunch cards and paper money is now the norm, and you will need a way of keeping them safe and secure during the school day.

Our huge collection of card holders offers the perfect solution. Lightweight, durable, featuring high-resolution artwork and with enough capacity for four cards, they are the perfect school companion.

If you are looking for something even more secure, our range of wallets and premium wallets offers more space, outstanding quality, and lots of great details.

Check them out here.

2. Notebooks

At school, you can never have enough books and note pads to help you keep organised. But sometimes this is something kids can struggle with, particularly when it comes to homework!

One tactic that helps is letting them choose their own notebook to keep organised. A notebook with their favourite, game or anime can help motivate them to stay organised and use the book regularly.

It will also standout so they are less likely to lose it!

Check out the full range here!

3. Tote Bags and Draw String Bags

Another essential school item in the modern world is a second bag which can be used to store either a PE kit, food tech equipment, or anything else necessary.

Gone are the days of using carrier bags for this job, especially since they now cost 10p! Our environmentally friendly Tote Bags and Draw String bags are a great alternative.

They are lightweight, easy to wash, and we have a great selection from different TV shows, films, games and more!

Your next PE bag found here

4. Keyrings

There is nothing more frustrating than losing or forgetting your keys! Left waiting on your doorstep until someone else comes home.

Our keyrings will ensure you never lose your keys again and they come in a range of our best licenses including Jurassic Park, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball and Star Trek.

Check out the range here!

5. Badge Packs

The easiest, and cheapest way to stand out and display your love for your favourite game, TV show, musician or film is to pick up one of our mix badge packs!

Each contains 6 unique badges in two different sizes, which can be easily attached to your bag, jacket, cap or pencil case.

This will make sure you stand out, and will mean you will be able to tell your belongings from all the other pupils

Choose your badges here

6. Stainless Steel Eco Bottles

Staying hydrated is one of the most important considerations throughout a long school day, and our eco bottles makes it super easy.

Their stainless steel design means the liquid stays cold all day, and ensures that the bottle survive any bangs or drops that it may suffer!

Eco Bottle range found here

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