Japanese manga has become massively popular in the West over the years, and we’ve got an excellent selection of Manga posters and prints. Hugely successful in its native country for over 50 years, Manga has gained popularity across Europe, the Middle East, and America and it has also inspired Manga other manga style print in various other parts of the world. Manga incorporates a broad range of genres and is popular with people of all ages, the iconic graphic style is traditionally black and white, although colourised are now widely seen. Manga has influenced a number of faucets of popular culture such as television, film, games and also fashion. Standing up as individual pieces of art, naturally Manga translates perfectly to our range of posters and prints. They are beautiful examples of the genre using only top quality, high resolution art work, and with selected pieces presented in a custom made 25mm frame. Some popular titles represented include Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. We also have a great range of Manga mugs available.

Fairy Tail Quad Card Holder
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