Motorhead Posters

There's not many more iconic moments in music than the sound of Lemmy's hoarse voice screaming The Ace of Spades down the microphone, and in honour of the late, great man, we've got a top range of Motorhead posters and prints available. Formed in 1975, Motorhead became influential to a number of music scenes such as thrash and speed metal, they’re often described as a heavy metal band, but preferred to describe themselves as a simple rock and roll band, with more in common with the punk rock scene then anything else. Over the years the band consisted of a regularly changing lineup, with Lemmy as the only consistent member. When Lemmy passed away on December 28, 2016, after a battle with cancer, it brought to an end the long and much loved career of Motorhead. Our range of Motorhead posters feature some iconic images of Lemmy, and would look great as part of a collection or on their own.

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