Posters are central to everything that we do we here at GB Posters, in fact you could go as far as saying that we live and breath them. We work directly with many of the world's biggest brands in Music, Film, TV, Sport, Gaming, Classic Icons and many more besides to produce a broad catalogue of poster designs to suit all customers young and old. All posters are produced using officially licensed, high resolution imagery and are printed in the UK using state of the art processes to create a high quality, gloss finish that creates a real wow factor when on the wall. We produce a number of different poster formats, each of which have their own selection of designs; our best selling format is the maxi poster (61x91.5cm / 150gsm), we then have the mini poster which tends to appeal to our younger audience (40x50cm / 200gsm), our giant posters are superb for large scale maps, photographic images and our most popular designs (100x140cm / 150gsm), we then have our door posters that are especially designed to fit on a bedroom door (158x53cm / 150gsm). Besides these main poster formats we also have some specialist formats such as metallic posters and parchment posters which suit particular designs. So whether you are looking for a Star Wars poster to put on your bedroom wall or a Marilyn Monroe door poster, rest assured you will find it right here!