Strong Tiger - Treechild - 50 x 70cm Framed Print

Product Number:FMAZ4008FB

Introducing the stunning new print from the renowned artist Treechild, "Strong Tiger". This beautifully crafted 50 x 70cm framed print captures the raw power and majesty of the world's most fearsome feline - the tiger.
The intricate design showcases the tiger in all its glory, with bold, vivid colours and fine details that bring this magnificent creature to life. The tiger's piercing gaze and muscular build make it impossible to look away from this mesmerizing piece of art.
Crafted from high-quality materials, this print is mounted in a sleek black frame that complements the design and protects the print from dust and damage. It is perfect for displaying in any living space, office or bedroom, and is sure to make a bold statement wherever it is placed.

With its stunning imagery and high-quality construction, this "Strong Tiger" print from Treechild is an absolute must-have for any art lover or wildlife enthusiast. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of art that is sure to impress and inspire for years to come.

- Print on photographic paper
- Print Dimensions: 50 x 70cm
- Frame Dimensions: 52.9 x 72.9cm
- Frame width: 25mm
- Shatter proof styrene
- Packaging: plastic film with protective plastic on the corners

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