Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our excellent range of Superman posters and prints! He was the original superhero pinup, with multiple comicstrips, tv shows, cartoons and movies focusing on the adventures of Kal-El, a man sent to earth from the planet Krypton as it was destroyed. On earth he discovered he possessed a great number of abilities unlike anyone else on earth, and decides to protect mankind as Superman, living out his day to day life as altered Clark Kent. The character represents the old American ideal of being wholesome and good, and is a cultural icon. We’ve got a whole host of Superman wall art available, which includes some modern and vintage posters, as well as a range of framed collector prints. All posters and prints use top quality, high resolution artwork and are printed on 150gsm paper or high quality photo stock. If you're after gifts, we can come to your rescue there too, as we have an extensive range of Superman mugs, key rings, glassware and more.