We'e got some great Vikings posters and prints that are well worth pillaging, inspired by the hugely successful television series. Following the exploits of the legendary Norse hero, Ragnar Lothbrok, as he embarks on a series of successful raids on England, rising his stature on the road to fame and eventually leading to him becoming a king.

Having come to an end after 6 brilliant seasons, Vikings has received favourable reviews and ratings, and it’s noted that what it lacks in historic accuracy, it makes up for with realistic settings and costumes, and creator Michael Hirst has himself admitted he enjoys the creative licence he is afforded due to a lack of knowledge of this period of time. All of our wall art used top quality, high resolution artwork. We’ve got posters printed on 150gsm paper and framed collector prints printed on high quality photo stock. Also available are a number of great Vikings mugs.

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