Keep Calm

Keep Calm and Carry On was originally conceived as a motivational phrase used in mid-war Britain during the 1940s, but more recently it has reemerged and taken up a role as the unofficial slogan for this generation. As a result, we can bring you this selection of Keep Calm posters and prints. The phrase came to prominence again by chance when a book shop owner came across an old poster and decided to frame and hang it in his store. It struck a nerve with the public, and since then it has become a commercial success, and spawned hundreds and modern interpretations. Our selection of Keep Calm posters and framed prints include copies of the original slogan, as well a number of modern interpretations. Some of our popular designs include ‘Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate’ and ‘Keep Calm and Drink Wine’. All our posters and prints are made using top quality, high resolution artwork, and are either printed on luxurious 150gsm paper or high quality photo stock. We also have a selection of Keep Calm mugs available.

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