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Stranger Things Season 4 New Trailer Explained!

6th August 2021

Stranger Things season 4 is just on the horizon, and they have just released the fourth teaser trailer.

The previous three teaser trailers for season 4 have left fans with more questions than answers, and the newest one is no different!

Although the series was announced back in 2019, they have confirmed that the show will not be released until 2022 but have not given an official release date.

So, we thought it was high time we took a deep dive into each of the four trailers to see what information we can eek out, and what we can expect from the new season.

If you are interested in watching the new trailer first, feel free to skip to the bottom of the article!

Trailer 1 | Official Announcement Trailer

This first trailer was originally released all the way back in September 2019 and was mainly just used as the official announcement to let fans know Stranger Things season 4 was on the way!

It starts with the now iconic theme music, and the logo with a MASSIVE number 4 right behind it.

However, it quickly turns sinister as the theme cuts and the logo is transported to the upside down. The logo slowly turns from red to black, accompanied by the ominous sound of a ticking clock in the background.

It finishes with the phrase “We’re Not in Hawkins Anymore”

This trailer certainly didn’t answer too many questions from the end of season 3, but it definitely presented us with some new ones!

Trailer 2 | From Russia With Love

Trailer 2 was the perfect Valentines present for any Stranger Things fans, released on 14th February 2020. No doubt to tie in with the ‘Love’ part of the title.

The question on fans lips since the first trailer, “If the series isn’t in Hawkins, where is it going to be set?”.

Well, that was definitely partly answered in this trailer. The setting is of Russian military commanders, overseeing the production of a railway line in what looks like an extremely snowy Russian countryside. Pretty much confirming that at least part of the season will be set in the 1980’s Soviet Union.

Another big question was answered with the final shot of the trailer being of fan favourite Jim Hopper, working on the trainline, after he was suspected dead at the end of season 3.

The elephant in the room with this trailer is that is shares the name with the 1963 James Bond film, staring Sean Connery as 007. What clues can we take from the film that might give us clues for the series?

Well, in the Bond film, 007 travels to the Soviet Union to secure a device which has been stolen by SPECTRE, and a large part of the film takes place on the Orient Express, which travelled through parts of central and western Europe from 1883 to 2009.

Could this be a hint for season 4 of Stranger things? Could the gang be travelling to Russia to save Hopper? And what will be lurking in the upside down in Russia?

Trailer 3 | Eleven Are You Listening?

The third teaser trailer for Stranger things season 4 was released in May 2021, and possibly gave the most away of the first three trailers.

It starts with the same ticking clock sound that was present in the first teaser trailer, which must have been a hint of where that came from.

The trailer appears to take us back in time as it was assumed that Dr.Brenner was killed by the Demogorgon in season 1, however, it was claimed he was still alive by a character in season 2, so we could possibly see his return.

All of the games the children are playing are very numbers orientated, and given the prominence numbers have played in the story so far, these could possibly be clues to what will unfold in season 4?

Given the involvement the Soviets had in Eleven’s history in the lab, this is probably another hint that at least some of the season will take place in the Soviet Union, after trailer 2 – “From Russia With Love”.

Trailer 4 | Sneak Peek

Trailer 4 is a 30 second thrill ride, packed full of clips and sneak previews. Some of which are from previous seasons, some from previous trailers, and some from the upcoming season.

If this advert doesn’t get you hyped, nothing will.

It starts where trailer 3 left off, “Eleven, Are You Listening?”. And then cue the action.

There seems to be clips from season 1, 2 and 3 mixed in with some new clips. Unfortunately, the new clips don’t seem to give many clues to the location.

We hear Eleven say the line “something is coming, it’s almost here”. Consider how much more fearsome the monsters have become with every passing season, we are a bit scared to see what this newest enemy looks like. Be prepared to have a few nightmares!

And finally, we see a ticking clock, which has been a theme throughout the previous trailers, and a much older Eleven, being restrained by men in suits.

One thing is for sure, this final trailer does not answer anymore questions, but certainly leaves fans wanting more. And we can’t wait!