You could wait and bleed, or you could treat yourself to the Slipknot posters and prints we have available. Originally founded in 1995, the lineup of the American heavy metal band has undergone a number of changes over the years, with only one original member remaining. However, their image, and their style of music has always remained fairly loyal to their beginnings. Never shy of controversy, the band have had their critics over the years, some of their lyrics have been referred to in conjunction with a number of violent crimes in the past, and the masks and matching jumpsuits that they choose to wear when appearing as the band, and their aggressive style, have been construed as provocative. The band themselves describe their appearance as a way to separate the band from their everyday lives, and symbolises that they’re in fact a product. Regardless, Slipknot is a successful and popular band, we have plenty of Slipknot merchandise available for you fans.

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